Essential Things to Carry When Traveling to the Hills

A hilly retreat is a favorite vacation idea for most holidaymakers in need of a break from the daily routine. A holiday in the hills is not as easy as it may sound. From planning to packing right, there goes a lot into a hassle-free trip in the hills. You may not have easy access to the shops when you are roaming in the remote hills. So, you must be extra careful when packing for an adventure in the mountains or hills. To help you with this, we have listed some of the essential things to carry when traveling to the hills

Woolen Clothes 

Pack enough woolen wear to deal with the extremely cold weather condition up in the hills. Wrap yourself in woolen clothes, and pack good-quality sweaters, coats, jackets, bodywarmers, or windcheaters to keep yourself warm. Do not forget other woolen accessories like gloves, socks, scarves, caps, ear muffs, etc. At the same time, do not overstuff your bags with a lot of woolen stuff, a couple of extra pairs should do depending on the length of your trip. If you are not comfortable wearing sweaters, you can consider thermals which are lighter and provide more warmth.  

Comfortable Shoes

If you are planning a trip to the hills, you might also be planning to do trekking. So, pick sturdy and comfortable shoes that do not leave blisters and sores on your feet during all the walking and hiking that a holiday in the hills involves. If you are traveling in the extreme winter months to a hilly place that receives snowfall, it is advisable to take snow boots that offer better grip than normal shoes when walking in the snow. 


A power bank is one of the most essential things to carry when traveling to the hills, where it gets a little difficult to locate convenience stores or charging points when needed. So, carry a power bank to recharge your mobile battery which might get discharged at a faster rate, what with you relying on it for online google maps, torches, etc. apart from connecting with your loved ones back home or taking countless pictures, or listening to music. Also, make sure that you fully charge your mobile and power bank at the hotel before leaving for a trekking expedition. 


You never know when the dark clouds might hover over the hills! These unpredictable weather conditions make an umbrella one of the most important things to carry when traveling. Not only rainfall, but you can also protect yourself from heavy snowfall when you have a multipurpose umbrella handy. You can carry a lightweight multi-fold umbrella, which is easy to carry. It also saves up space in your bag.  

Thermal Water Bottle 

Although you do not feel thirsty in cold conditions, it is essential to keep yourself hydrated all the time. So, carry a reusable water bottle with you wherever you go. Drinking hot water can help maintain your body temperature in the chilly weather, so consider investing in a leak-proof and lightweight thermal water bottle when traveling in cold places like hills.

First-Aid Kit 

A first-aid kit with all essential medication for cold, fever, allergies, motion sickness, etc. is among the most important things to carry when traveling to the hills. You do not want a common cold or motion sickness to spoil your holiday in the hills, right? Make sure you restock your first-aid box with cotton, ban-aids, bandages, pain relief sprays, etc. 
Apart from the above, toiletries, enough liquid cash, menstrual products, and skin care essentials like sunscreen are the other essential things to carry when traveling to hills. Are you planning a hilly escape to India? Book your international flight tickets via Indian Eagle and take advantage of their incredible deals to save huge on airfare.

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