If you’re curious about how pro wrestling works, you’re in luck. This article will provide a basic overview of pro wrestling, including the storylines, gimmickry and rules. You’ll also learn about viewership and the entrances and exits of the ring.


Storylines in professional wrestling can be either fictional or based upon real events. These stories can be used to sell matches and attract fans. While they can work, many stories have failed to live up to the hype.

One popular storytelling device is a wrestler being publicly “fired.” This can be done either on television or in an actual match. Often, a wrestler who has been publicly fired will make a surprise comeback and earn his or her job back through a series of matches.

Kayfabe is another common way to explain injuries. To show how serious an injury is, the company might keep a wrestler off the show if he or she is hurt. A wrestler might be seen limping or having his arm heavily bandaged.

Some wrestlers’ off-ring personas are so strikingly different from their in-ring counterparts that they are often referred to as tweeners. Other times, a wrestler is simply changed roles over a long storyline.mma gym melbourne

No matter if a storyline of a wrestler is fictional or based upon reality, the character is usually a heel or face. Heels are antagonistic characters who embrace bitterness and narcissism. They are often prone to egomania, sadism, and unprompted rage.


Gimmickry is a huge part of professional wrestling. The industry has seen hundreds of gimmicks, from the smallest to the most elaborate. Some of these gimmicks have been lauded for their creativity while others have been deemed cheesy. There are numerous gimmicks on display during a typical WWE event. There are some lesser-known, but equally entertaining, gimmicks that can be seen at a WWE event.

Gimmicks will most often be thrown at you during matches. These are often called “Gimmick matches” or “Gimmick matches” and are popular among both opponents and fans. One of the most common types is the tag team match. Each team consists of two wrestlers with matching costumes. They are often allowed to use one another as weapons. Most notably, the team with the most points wins.

Technology is used in some of the most creative gimmicks. A match might use a fluorescent tube. Alternatively, a bat whacking an opponent onto a burning plank covered with barbed wire is a popular move. Even the use a ring is a gimmick.

Although a gimmick cannot replace wrestling, it can be used to promote a well-known wrestler. Some of the most successful promotions actually grew out of a gimmick.


Pro wrestling is a sport with some interesting rules. Wrestling is a hard sport that can cause injuries and requires a lot of work.

The use of a foreign object is one of the most important rules. A foreign object, such as a rope, may be used for throwing and to catch an opponent in an illegal hold.

Rules also prohibit striking an opponent with a foreign object. For example, striking an opponent in the groin with a fist is a violation. In some promotions, throwing an opponent over a top rope is a rule.

Another rule is that a wrestler must not be more than five feet from the ropes. If the wrestler is not within five feet of the ropes, he/she must make contact before the count is broken.

Other rules include standing outside the ring for too long, and having a foreign object held in the ring. A wrestler who has a foreign object in the ring must wait for the referee’s call to give a ten count.

Wrestlers can win a match by submission, a pinfall, or a count-out. They can also be disqualified at any time.

During a match, the referee has the final say, but his or her authority is subject to modification depending on the storyline. The promotion owner usually has little to no influence on the final decision.

Entrances to the arena and ring

A ring entrance is the first thing a fan sees in a professional wrestling match. The effect can be enhanced by music or other elements. Wrestlemania 25’s entrance by The Rock was quite spectacular.

Several notable wrestlers have used music and cars to make an impactful entrance. Especially for returning main event stars, their entrances are important.

Some stars, like Kurt Angle, are famous for their dramatic entrances. His entrance includes a guitar and a singlet, as well as a chant of “You suck! “.

During his time with WWE, John Cena made several grand entrances. One of these was his special entrance against Triple H at WrestleMania. He arrived in a Ford Mustang that drove aggressively. Another was his gangster-themed exhibit last year.

Dwayne Johnson is another star with an amazing entrance. He is a big car enthusiast, and this shows in his opening line, “If you smell what I’m cooking, you better get up!”

While these are just a few of the most memorable entrances in wrestling history, they are also some of the most powerful. Each entrance is a mixture of anticipation, crowd reaction, and overall cool factor.


Submissions in pro wrestling are the stuff of legend. Josh Barnett, for example, is a top-tier grappler who performs legitimate submissions. However, it’s not as common. Nevertheless, there are some big slams and powerbombs to go along with it.

The figure 4 leg lock is a submission worth noting. In this slick maneuver, your opponent wraps both legs around your neck and drags you into the submission. If you can’t get up, you might as easily have been taken prisoner.

You can also try catch wrestling. Maryse, a former Grand Slam Champion, and the Miz are both known to be in the ring. The Miz’s moves are not for the faint-hearted.

There are a handful of lesser known submissions, though, including the Full Nelson and the Tarantula. These holds are a bit more dangerous to squeak out of, but they are the best of the best.

There are also gimmicks like the Towel Match or the I Quit Match. These are also a lot of bling, but they are the only ways to win a match in the WWE.


The piledriver is a well-known and popular move in wrestling. These moves usually involve a wrestler turning his opponent upside down and then dropping him to a kneeling or sitting position.

In the ’90s, Jacques Rougeau and Buddy Rogers used the classic piledriver. Other notable practitioners include Andre The Giant and Jerry Lynn, Paul Orndorff and Bobo Brazil.

The Tombstone Piledriver variation is the most well-known piledriver. This move was invented by Karl Gotch. It was popularized by Karl Gotch, and has since become one of the most dangerous moves in pro-wrestling.

The modified piledriver is the tombstone, where the head is dropped directly onto the head. This move has been banned in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) and in some regions of the United States.

You should exercise extreme caution when constructing a tombstone. It can be very dangerous to perform. As such, it is performed on special occasions only.

The cradle piledriver is another variant of the piledriver. This involves lifting the opponent and securing his arms around his legs. The cradle is also referred to as a Texas piledriver.

WWE’s viewership statistics

WWE’s viewership statistics are down a bit, but they have remained steady over the past few months. Monday Night Raw has averaged 1.9million viewers in four consecutive weeks. Under its new regime, the show had a strong debut.

Raw’s ratings in the 18-49 age group were lower, but they increased by 14 percent. The show also received a 0.6 rating among adults 18-49 on USA Network.

The broadcast had its lowest total audience since Halloween. But it did manage to outdraw NFL Monday Night Football on ESPN.

Among the biggest draws on the show were Mustafa Ali and John Ciampa. It also featured WWE Hall of Famer Edge. Seth Rollins, Karrionkross, Drew McIntyre, and Drew McIntyre also appeared.

Overall, Raw had a 1.472 million viewership on USA Network, which is down from a 1.705 million average the week before. While the show did beat Monday Night Football in the 18-49 demo, it did not do so well in women’s 12-34 or men’s 18-34.

Monday night’s RAW broadcast featured Paul “Triple H”, Levesque, WWE’s new creative chief. He is also the executive vice president of talent relations for the company.

Monday’s show drew the sixth highest total audience on cable for the day. However, it drew a 0.41 rating among men 18-49.