Deciding on the flooring of the house becomes a hot topic of discussion especially when it comes to getting the flooring done keeping in mind various other factors other than just the looks. There are several factors which may get impacted by the kind of flooring material that you select for your house. The various kinds of flooring materials available today are laminate, vinyl, carpet, solid oak flooring, engineered flooring, etc.

All these have numerous pros and cons and in some or the other way will have a huge impact on the people living in the house. Be it a toddler, kid, senior citizen, etc everyone gets impacted due to the kind of flooring material used. If you are someone looking for the perfect flooring material that would suit a certain age group, then this article is for you.

For toddlers

Having toddlers in the house is fun as a child lightens the overall environment of the house thereby making it a happy and cheerful one. But having a toddler in the house comes with other concerns as well. As the toddler is in a stage where he is simply learning to walk or is in the crawling stage, the child needs flooring that would not hurt him in the process. For houses having children of this age group, carpet flooring options are best suited as this floor will not only protect your child from getting hurt while trying to walk but will at the same time keep the child safe from various other unhygienic conditions as well. The oak herringbone flooring options are also worth considering the option as it is child safe since it is not made from tough stone or any other material and therefore keeps the child comfortable and safe.

For kids up to 12 years of age

Kids at this time of their childhood are the most notorious and carefree individuals. Be it due to the transition process, the environment or the exposure that they are gaining from the world outside their houses, all this makes them a little less concerned about their surroundings. At this time, it becomes the sole responsibility of the parents to take care that their child is not hurt in the process.

The houses for this age group require hard and sturdy flooring materials as a little fragile material which requires maintenance and care can easily get destroyed due to small mistakes such as dropping heavy items on the floor even unintentionally.
Flooring materials such as tiles should be avoided as they are relatively very fragile and the drop of some heavy material or even the inappropriate movement of the heavy sofas or tables will result in scratches and marks on the floor. Materials such as solid wood flooring which is hard and durable in nature or unfinished engineered flooring should be used. This material is stable and durable and most companies today provide you with lifelong guarantee certifications of the materials bought as well.

For old-age couples

Houses having old age couples should be the sincerest ones and they should make it a point that they do not use flooring options that have a slippery texture or are self-reflecting in nature. A slippery and reflecting surface such as white marble may lead to unnecessarily bright interiors. Such interiors may lead to the creation of a glare like state resulting in accidents or unwanted events.

Always make sure that you use dark coloured flooring options or at least those on the warmer tone side. This will prevent reflection and the material best suited for this is oak flooring which is non-slippery and has a warmer tone to prevent glare as well.

Summing Up

The flooring is the most essential part of the house. Keeping all the factors in mind, the flooring material must be decided. Out of the numerous flooring options available, unfinished engineered flooring is the best option to be considered for almost every age group. Considering its long life, non-slippery and anti-glare properties, it is the one best suited for every age group.