Yes! Women are allowed to drive in Dubai. Dubai city allows taxis driven by women. The
UAE state, including Dubai, grants women the right to move. With your verified license, you
can drive a car in Dubai, including Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, etc. The women of Dubai
enjoy much more freedom compared to other states. Some things need to be clear about the
release of women in other countries or states, but in Dubai, they give women complete
freedom to do all they want.
As you know, Dubai is the most open-minded state in the United Arab Emirates. In the UAE,
they treat women with respect. They provided an opportunity to work in the banking sector,
finance, and all the service sectors of Dubai. Rights, including education in driving, were also
granted to Emirati women. When traveling with a woman in Dubai, you do not apply Muslim
laws because you are under state law that other foreigners and visitors in Dubai regulate.
And Arab laws should always be considered to be followed.
When Did Dubai Allow Women Drivers?
The United Arab Emirates passed a law on women’s driving in 2018. All the emirates of the
UAE have to follow this law. Henceforth, the women of Dubai. In June 2018, the Dubai
government permitted women to drive.
Women can also vote, drive, own property, work, and get as much education as they want.
However, some of these requirements need the approval of their guardian or caretaker.
Women should never forget that places like Dubai and Abu Dhabi can feel like home. You
don’t need to worry about freedom or any other things. The UAE gives you all the rights that
you want.
Ratio Of Road Accidents And Speeding In Women
According to the survey, women drivers in Dubai drive better cars than male. And the number of
accidents by women drivers has decreased in the last six years. Most of the ladies observed
in the UAE ‘always’ use their indicator at the time of changing lanes, taking an exit, merging
onto a highway, and turning at a junction. Take this. According to Road Safety UAE, the
number one cause of death on UAE’s roads is that the act of reckless driving goes hand in
hand with the non-use of indicators.
Also, the survey stated that females use their mobile phones sparingly while driving
compared to males. Try not to use mobile phones while driving a car because it is the
primary source of distraction. Although, some women drivers are speeding more than males.
More ladies than gentlemen state to ‘never’ break the official speed limits. Getting late is the
primary and common reason why female drivers race in the UAE.
Wrap Up
If you want to learn to drive in Dubai, you don’t need to worry and hesitate. You have to join
Safe Driver Dubai Monthly services. They will guide you further. Women can do all things
they want.