In Grand Canyon Region in the United States, Caryn Chandler was born on October 1st, 1967. Caryn Chandler Age is 56 years. She formerly served as the secretary at the Roloff farms. A crucial part of her job was managing the pumpkin harvest on the farm. She spent more than ten years there as a supervisor and helper. Her association with American Tv host Mark Roloff, which led to her becoming famous, helped her achieve fame. Caryn’s appearance on “Little People, Big World” TV has quickly announced her as a true sensation.

Her husband’s name was Joseph Chandler. They were wed for 20 years until the divorce in 2012. Brittany and Connor are their joint offspring. For many years, Caryn has collaborated with the Roloff family. She no longer works on the family property full-time, although she still makes sporadic appearances as needed. Let’s find out a few more updates about a significant female character in Matt’s life and other aspects.

Caryn Chandler Age

As of 2023, Caryn Chandler’s Age is 56 years old. According to the zodiac, she is a Pisces born on March 15th.

How Many Children Does LPBW’s Caryn Have?

How Old Are Caryn Chandler’s Children? The reality TV personality and her former best friend, Joseph Chandler, were married for about twenty years until he divorced her in 2012. They had two kids together. Daughter Brittany, 25, and son Connor, 22, are children.

Caryn Chandler’s Source Of Income.

Caryn Chandler's Age

Caryn managed Roloff Farms for ten years, according to In Touch. In 2018, when she and her spouse began dating, she announced her retirement at Roloff Fields. Caryn is always present throughout the family farm pumpkin season. On Instagram, she made fun of the fact that the pumpkin season would be in “full swing” in October 2021.

Timeline Of Their LPBW Connection

They started dating 2017 Caryn Chandler and Matt Roloff. When questioned by US Magazine in 2020 if they saw a wedding in their life, Matt responded: We do, we don’t have any objection to it, but it’s just so happy, comfortable, and great the way it is… We are currently enjoying seeing Amy and Chris navigate this process.

Even though Matt and Amy Roloff divorced in 2016, Amy has stated, according to Monsters and Critics, that she believes Matt and Caryn started dating while he was still legally wed to Amy. Caryn and Matt first became acquainted several years before this while she was Matt’s secretary and the farm supervisor. They have date nights and frequently hang out with Amy and her spouse Chris.

Has Amy Roloff Changed Relationships And Begun Dating Someone New?

Amy has moved on and started a new relationship, similar to Matt. She has a new husband in addition to dating someone.

She married Chris Marek in August 2021, claims People. “I believe it just sealed when we decided to get married and then said, ‘I do,'” she stated when discussing their union with the media source. It merely pulled everything together and confirmed what we already knew and longed for. Finally, here we are. Chris and Amy went to Hawaii to celebrate their honeymoon after getting married. Her social media interactions show she is more eager to share pictures of her connection with her admirers and followers.

Net Worth

According to Matt Roloff, Caryn Chandler reportedly possesses wealth that would make any LPBW fan envious. What sort of job does she hold? She managed Roloff Farms for 11 years, claims research. Following her engagement to Matt in 2018, she left Roloff Farms. Every year during the harvest of the pumpkins, she stays on the farm. She said she “usually helps washing T-shirts and preserve jellies” when a fan inquired what she did, but how she made most of her money was hidden from view and connected to her work at Roloff Farms. Caryn’s net worth is projected to be $4,500,000 in 2023. She most likely receives compensation for her countless seasons of LPBW involvement.


  • She was born on October 1st, 1967.
  • She is a native of the USA.
  • The amount of her assets is unknown.
  • She belongs to a prominent family.


Caryn Chandler’s Age is 56 years old. Caryn’s current reported net worth of $4.5 million. Among many other aspects, her employment with Roloff Farm and her performances in the series are unique. Matt Roloff owns the Roloff Farm. However, Caryn appears to reside there no longer.

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Matt and Caryn met in what way? 

Caryn worked at Roloff Farms for many years as the general manager, and the two got along well before they started dating. Soon after his divorce from Amy was completed in 2016, the couple started dating.

What caused the divorce between Little People and Big World?

Three years after divorcing Matt, Amy Roloff issued her novel A Little Me in July 2019. In it, she talks about her divorce and points to Matt’s adultery as a contributing factor. She uncovered unsuitable conversations between Matt and their assistant Caryn Chandler.

What is the value of Matt Roloff’s farm?

Although Fortune World Investments offered the farmhouse (and surrounding land) on Roloff Farms for $4 million as of 2023, the property has apparently been taken off the market. It is situated at 23985 NW Grossen Drive in Hillsboro, Oregon.