Common Cockroaches at Home

Cockroaches are the most common among the pest infestations that plague humankind. They have been around for millions of years because of their high adaptability and survivability in most any situation. Their strong and flexible exoskeleton can withstand forces like swatting and stepping upon. Not only do they thrive in minimal nourishment, but they also breed like crazy. Their diet consists of fresh to rotten food and garbage. And need little to none to survive. They hide during the day and at night they forage and crawl about. They secrete fluids that stain and stink our clothes, sheets, and home products. To avoid them you must have a decent amount of precautions. In some cases, when cockroach infests a home, homeowners had to call roaches extermination in glen rock pa to eliminate them permanently. We don’t want to come to this point, do we? 

How do you get cockroaches at home?

Cockroaches like us humans rely on three basic needs which are food, water, and shelter. In this case, a human home is an ideal place to live. Their diet consists of fresh to rotten food and garbage. And need little to none to survive. They forage on our leftovers inside garbage bins, on and under the sink for scraps of organic waste and water. They tend to be inactive during the day because we humans are awake and about. And commonly come out during the night or after hours because it is safe and quiet. Cockroaches seek refuge and shelter under furniture, attics, basements, and behind cupboards. They invade our house without any warning. 

Let us get to know the most common cockroaches at home.

We can never really avoid cockroaches. The key is to be active in controlling and continuously monitoring them.

Cockroaches have a wide variety of species around the world that reach from 3000-4000 kinds. Although they have a massive family tree, only a few types tend to infest homes. These are the German, American, Brown and Smoky Brown, and Oriental among a few others.

The German Cockroaches 

is small about ¾ of an inch and light brown in color. The most common type you can find living and multiply in homes. These cockroaches may be found in the slums or low income environments where people cannot spend a lot to eradicate or control them. Under those conditions these cockroaches can really increase their numbers.

These kinds of cockroaches have a very high resistance to most insecticides so it is harder for us to completely kill them. Although the key is to be more active in your pest control. One example is baiting them and experimenting on which is the most effective measure to get rid of them. 

American Cockroaches

one of the largest cockroaches. This variety comes with a shiny coat and is reddish in color and can be found in canals and sewers underneath and around our homes. 

Baiting, Insecticides and Poisoning are common methods of getting rid of them. Place the baits around and inside your home behind furniture, and cupboards. In your bathroom and even under the sink.

Brown Banded Cockroach

These are among the smallest kinds and can be found living in elevated spaces like upper rooms of the house. These kinds may not be considered as pests because they are not primarily crawling over garbage and our food. 

These species can be killed by baiting and applying insecticides because they are not that resistant to those chemicals. 

Smoky Brown Cockroach

About the same size as the American type, these kinds are a bit darker in color. They have a few similar features although the American has a more glossy coat. These are the type of cockroaches that stowaway into things you bring into your house. Like groceries, luggage, and even clothes.

These types of cockroaches don’t usually infest human homes. They just are sometimes there by accident as aforementioned they come in through “riding” with us. They can be easily killed though by using minimal force like stepping, swatting, and sweeping them out. If you think they still are present inside your house, then it might be time to use more advanced means.

Oriental Cockroaches

This species is large in size and has a dark brown coat. The most distinguishable feature is that only the female has wings. They are commonly found in the cooler areas of your home like the basement. 

You can get rid of them by baiting and poisoning. So place your baits in your basement especially near cracks and crevices where they usually seek shelter. 

Generally, cockroaches come into our homes opportunistically. They would look for shelter against the environment’s ever changing temperatures. Some are harder to get rid of than the others. Like any other insect and pest, cockroaches can also spread diseases, cause food poisoning, and are known to even bite us. So cleanliness is also one aspect in reducing infestations. 

Some tips that help cockroaches control

  • Keep your house and surroundings clean
  • Take precautions when bringing home things 
  • Clean your kitchen every after use
  • Regularly checking if you have cockroaches and othaer pests
  • Use the correct pesticide, bait, and other means for specific species.