Daniel alejandro sosa de lima

Daniel Alejandro Sosa De Lima is the son of a talented actor. He was born on October 29, 2007. He was a U.S. citizen at birth. He is one of the wealthier members of the family. His friends and loved ones also value him highly. In the 1990s, the tv programs his father featured made him famous. His mother, Shannon De Lima, became famous in the same year for winning award ceremonies. The golden family has achieved enormous success in each of their particular fields. His mother was featured in the “Living & Traveling” magazine. However, his father is well known for his roles in the 2011 movies. These movies were presented in 2007. His younger half-sister Sofia was born in 2008. Read this article to explore Daniel Alejandro Sosa De Lima’s life history, including his wealth, education, and living style. Keep reading.


Daniel Sousa is the nickname of Daniel Alejandro Sousa de Lima. His surname title is Sosa. Daniel is what people call him. He’s 15 years old as of 2022. He was born in the USA. He is about 55 kg in weight and 1.7m tall.

Style Of Living

Daniel Alejandro Sosa De Lima

Daniel is a famous kid whose parents’ line of work plays a large part in his renown. His family worked extremely hard and became well-known all around the globe for their exceptional skills. A young boy is currently enrolled in school. Estimating his new career aspirations while he is still attending school is challenging. He has the skills, nevertheless, to carry on his family’s tradition and succeed as a dramatic character. Because the future is unknown and it is difficult to predict the things he is fascinated with or wants, it is doubtful what profession he will select. He enjoys a lavish life because his parents are pretty well personalities.

Birth Sign

Daniel was born under the sign of Scorpio.


In 2014, famous dance vocalist Marc Anthony wed well-known model Shannon De Lima. She became a member of the world community on January 6, 1989. Danial’s mother was 32 years old when it took place in 2020. Every year on January 6, people celebrate her birthday. His mother rose to prominence after participating in and taking 2nd position at the Miss World America contest. Marc chose this look because she “helped him escape from his past.”

The television and movies in which Danial’s father appeared gave him prominence. On October 28, October 28, 1983, his father was born. As of 2022, his father is 37 years old. The birthday of his birth will be commemorated on October 28. He is now renowned as “Coko.” Shannon Dea’s son with Manuel Sosa is Adan Alejandro Sosa, born on January 6, 1989. Mirela Mendoza, an actress, and Manuel Sosa are the parents of Sofia Sosa. During the 2011 production of Natalia del Mar, Sabrina Salvador and Manuel Sosa had a brief relationship.

Social Media Profiles

Daniel doesn’t use any social media platforms as he is still too little to be engaged in them. His mother is quite well-liked on Instagram, where she is also interacting. Regularly posting pictures from her daily life on Instagram, Danial’s mother engages her followers by sharing funny images. His mother’s Instagram profile, @shadelima, has a significant number of followers, with close to 2.4 million and 639 users.

Marital Status

No marriage has ever been recorded for Daniel Alejandro Sosa De Lima. He hasn’t been dating till May 2022.

Net Worth

His net worth massively improved between 2021 and 2022. How much money does 15-year-old Daniel Alejandro possess? The wealthy family members provided all his primary financing sources. He is from the USA. The total amount of his assets is about $1.5 million.


Danial’s father has appeared as an actor in various well-liked entertainment shows in Venezuela. Two series are “Hoy te Vi” and “Queen of Hearts. “These activities elevated him to fame in the late 1990s. Daniel Alejandro Sousa de Lima is the father of the stated person.

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Is Daniel a music fan?

Daniel is only a student at this time. Therefore, it is evident that De Lima has plenty of time to launch a valuable career existence.

How does Daniel’s father feel about him?

The famous 14-year-old kid and his father are apparently on friendly terms. Sometimes, it appears that the father and son pair communicate in private. Daniel’s father is also on his side, according to his mother, who also provided that assurance.

Daniel Alejandro Sosa: Is he still alive?

There is no danger to Daniel Alejandro Sosa. There have been no known diseases or medical issues with him.