Descriptive Essay About California
Descriptive Essay About California

The United States of America consists of 50 states, each with its own unique characteristics. California stands out as a true jewel in the crown, known for its exclusivity and prestige. This prompts the idea for writing a descriptive essay about the state, and I might consider seeking the help of an essay writing service to enhance it.

Descriptive Essay About California

California is known as “The Golden State” and one of the richest states in the United States of America. Its located on the southwest side of the American peninsula. California is also the third-largest state and shares borders with Oregon, Nevada, and Arizona. In the south California shares a somewhat small border with Mexico.

Since I was brought up in Brooklyn New York, I was always fascinated by Disneyland California. So, watching cartoons played a role in developing a mindset to visit and compose a Disneyland descriptive essay.

Ever since I went to Los Angeles and saw the beauty of California and its peripheral areas I decided to settle down here. No matter what people say about California and its culture, I am in love with this state.

If you just notice the difference it’s so obvious and the vibes have such a unique pattern. No offense to New Yorkers but it’s like comparing Ferrari with Mercedes. And Ferrari does mean in this sentence California.

Why California is different

I always imagine why California is so different than other states. Maybe because all the states have their own identity, still they are colorless. Let me tell you after living here for the past ten years why California is way above any place or state for instance.

The first and most obvious thing is having diversity and being 100% accepting of diversified cultures. California is the only state that accepted a completely diverse culture. You can see an African American with a Caucasian wife more often than in other states.

Secondly, Hispanic culture has deeply rooted within the Californian culture. And it’s perfectly fine for the overall representation. In fact, California is the only state in America that has more Hispanic and African American representation in State Legislature.

Hispanic culture influence has been evident back in the days when California was part of Mexico. Mexican families have been living in California for hundreds of years. And even after selling California to the United States these families never went back to Mexico.

Therefore, seeing Mexican famous cuisines like Chilaquiles, Chicken Pozole, Tacos, Tostadas, Enchiladas, etc. is a part of daily life. Because most of these dishes are served by Mexican restaurants therefore they have an authentic taste.

The third important factor is the balance of having such a diverse population. That has a different mindset and cultural backgrounds. Although it’s not as unique California takes this to another level or maybe many steps further than the rest of America.

One of the important things is the representation and protection of the LGBTQ+ community. I have met many people and maybe I’m wrong but almost half of them belong to the LGBTQ+ community.

California Legislature

California State Legislature has almost 18 members who are openly either gay or lesbian. Being a Californian is not that difficult if you have an accepting mind towards those people.

We are all working with them and finding them as cooperative as straight people are. And that’s what California is all about. The state of California presents a global diversified population for the LGBTQ community.

Finally, if we talk about California and leave Hollywood in Los Angeles then it would not be fair. The global phenomenon of American movies and actors is the Hallmark of Californian culture.

When I was in Los Angeles at an official meeting I went to see the Hollywood Walk of Fame. This place was filled with starstruck fans. Hoping for a glimpse of any movie star actor or actress is a dream come true for them.

Although my dreams came true when I was interviewed by some members of Jimmy Kimmel’s Live show. Los Angeles has the most killing Californian vibes and presents as the heart of the state.

Driving my Tesla on the Rodeo drive in Beverly Hills was so fascinating and satisfying. In fact, it’s quite strenuous for written words to be given a life in a descriptive essay about California.

A lot of games feature many places in California and its landscape. Me and my colleagues played Grand Theft Auto (GTA) game for playing and seeing Los Angeles as a virtual tour.

California has many parks serving as a tourist attractions, But Yosemite National Park is the best of all. Hiking to the top of “Half Dome” requires a permit nowadays but this 8.5 miles trail leads to heaven. After reaching on top you get to see the real beauty of California.

To the eyes who have seen enough of beauty, California is the best place to not visit only but also for setting up permanently. I have spent the last ten years of my life and I’m not regretting any second of it. I have found my home and that’s only in California. Hopefully, my kids and their kids will see the beautiful and golden state as I do now.


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