How Does TrackoField Help In Field Workforce Task Management

It is hard for managers to supervise their field executives as they are spread everywhere. Therefore, managers must assign their field employees clear-cut tasks for them to do their best on the field. And that is why you need field employee task management software. Because only through the software can you optimize your field force.

The software allows managers to control their employees’ tasks and location updates. Through the help of the software, even employees can enjoy easy task completion and function because of automation. 

Continue reading to learn more about how managers can get the most done with proper task planning and delegation through the software.

Signs That Your Team Suffer From Uneven Task Allocation

There is no denying that efficient and engaged employees are the key to completing tasks and jobs efficiently. But managers often struggle to manage their field employees’ productivity, and the reason behind this is that they fail to assign tasks correctly. And because of this, the employees struggle to complete their job. This can also affect customer relationships, leaving them unsatisfied with the service.

Employees Fail to Meet Deadlines

If your field force is struggling to meet their deadlines more time than given, then it is time to take a step back and evaluate. The problem may not be them but with how the tasks are delegated. It can happen when the managers lack the knowledge of employees’ bandwidth, have improper task planning, or the manager has too many expectations. Since it is about field employees planning tasks according to distance is crucial.

Disengaged Employees

Disengaged field employees in the team harm other employees as it can also influence them to be unmotivated. In addition, no important task can be assigned to them as there is no guarantee that they will do it with complete dedication. This can cause other employees to be overburdened.

Increased Number of Sick Leaves and Absences

Overworked or overburdened field employees struggle with physical and mental health problems. 58% of employees consider work as the cause behind burnout. This can cause them to call in sick more often than expected. Again, this causes the managers to assign tasks to other employees or suffer financial and client loss. 

Reduced Productivity

The reason for reduced productivity lies in being overworked. Therefore, it is advised to determine whether the team members feel comfortable with their workload. Another reason the field employees’ productivity suffers is when they are assigned tasks that are out of their skill set. This can cause them to feel troubled and take more time than usual to complete it.

Uneven Workload

Uneven workload occurs when managers fail to form proper work strategies. This causes the field force to be snowed under work one week and idle the next. This is a sign of improper task allocation.

What is Task Management Solution

With the help of task management solutions, managers can optimize the entire field force operations. And it can be done with the use of field force management software. The software offers features and tools that can help automate field employees’ functions.

It is difficult for managers to trace their employees accurately but not with a field workforce management system. Task management aids employees in keeping a record of their completed tasks. This is important for accountability.

How can Task Management Solutions Help

Manually assigning tasks can have room for errors which can further cost the company money, revenue, and clients. But not with a field force management system, as it automates task assigning, records authentic attendance, and tracks employees.

It has tools and features that can further help in task allocation, such as:

Bulk Task Upload

The software offers a bulk task-uploading feature to save managers’ and employees’ time and waste productivity. This allows managers to allocate tasks a month in advance. This helps in giving an estimate of how much work each field agent has. 

Additionally, managers can remotely edit, delete and add tasks if they need to.

Live Task and Location Tracking

Managers must struggle with tracking their field employees. But not anymore, as they can track their employee’s accurate location through the software. The software provided accurate and real-time location to the managers in real-time. This way, they won’t have to constantly call their employee, which is stressful and disturbing for both.

Not only location but also tasks can be tracked with the software. This helps the manager know the bandwidth each field agent has. Furthermore, this helps the employees have accountability for the tasks completed them.

In Built Chat Box

Field force management software offers an in-built chat box to relieve field agents of stress and the feeling of being alone on the road. Field agents can share doubts and queries with managers with ease. In addition, voice notes, photos, and videos can be shared if the message is unclear.

Analytical Reports

Managers can study software-generated reports to understand their employees’ performance and productivity. These reports are detailed and real-time. Also, they can drive out the strengths and weaknesses of each employee. This helps them in assigning tasks according to their expertise.

Battery and Network Status

Managers, through this feature, have access to their employees’ network status at all times. This way, managers know when a field agent has not received their task yet. For example, a dead battery could be why the agent cannot receive calls or update the task list.

TrackoField is the Leading Field Force Management Software

Managers must have the proper knowledge to assign tasks related to the employee’s skill set and expertise. Also, adequate task allocation is the key to enhancing the efficiency and productivity of the employees. Field workforce task management is the key to assigning and organizing tasks precisely. In addition, it offers automation that could save time and energy for managers and employees. TrackoField is a leading field force management solution. It offers features and tools that can help employees achieve their deadlines. Contact us to know more!