Ever wished you could design your own video game? There is now a simple method to accomplish this without having any programming or design skills! You can make a game that your children will like playing with a few straightforward tools and some direction.

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What supplies do I require?

You will need a few materials to create your own kid-friendly game. You’ll need paper and a pencil to start. You can use a variety of papers, such as rice paper or construction paper. Make sure the paper is thick enough so that the finished game will be stable. A box or other storage space for your game, some dice, and some markers or crayons are also required.

The next step is to collect your players. It’s best to have at least three players in order to make the game more enjoyable for kids. A die and a marker or crayon are required for each player. Hand out a piece of paper with a separate activity to each player. The first participant throws the dice and records the number that appears. The player’s objective number for the round is that one. A number that is two less than the player’s desired number is then written down by the second player after rolling the dice. Following that, the third player rolls the die and records a result that is three less than the person’s intended number. The first player must carry out one of the tasks on the list below if any of these figures are more than or equal to the target number on the piece of paper belonging to that player.

Making the Game Boards


You can create your own game boards for youngsters to enjoy whether you’re a parent or an artistically talented adult. You’ll need a drawing or painting surface, paper, pencils, scissors or a craft knife, toner or a printer with a cutting edge, and a few more supplies. Watching someone else create the board initially will help you learn without making any mistakes.

Another choice is to buy pre-made game boards from retailers like Walmart and Target. These typically range in price from $6 to $10 and include game pieces and instructions. To ensure that you know how to use the game pieces, read the instructions first.

It’s time to get started once you have the necessary supplies. Choose the theme for the game you want to create first. This may be everything from spaceships to dinosaurs to pirates. After deciding on a subject, generate concepts for each of the various playing components. Either make your own pieces or purchase ready-made ones that go with your concept.

When you have finished making all of the components, you may begin making the board. Begin by drawing a basic outline of the board on your paper

Making The Players

The first and most important step is to come up with a great game idea. It can be anything from a simple classic like charades to more complex games like tag.

-Once you have your game idea, the next step is to create a rough draft of the rules. This will help you figure out how to structure the game and make sure that everyone has an understanding of what is happening.

-Once the rules are complete, it’s time to start creating the game board and pieces. This part can be the most tricky, but it’s important to keep in mind that your game should be easy to understand for young players. After all, they won’t be able to play if they don’t understand what’s going on!

-Last but not least, it’s time to add some excitement and fun into your game by designing catchy graphics and sounds for the pieces and boards. After all, kids love playing games that are fun and engaging!

How To Play The Game


If you’re a parent of young children, you know that they love games. But with so many different types of games out there, it can be hard to find the right one for your child. If you want to create your own game that your child can enjoy, this guide will teach you how to do it.

First, think about what type of game you want to make. Do you want to make a chess game, a card game, or a board game? Once you have decided on the type of game, start by researching the different available resources. There are plenty of online tutorials and tips available to help you create your game.

Once you have created the basic structure of your game, it’s time to add in the content. This includes the rules, the objects and the players. You can either write out all of these details yourself or find an online resource that provides step-by-step instructions for creating a custom game.

Lastly, it is important to test your game before you actually release it into the world. This means playing it with friends and family and making sure that everyone enjoys playing it. If everything goes smoothly, then congratulations! You have created your very own children’s game!


If you’re looking for an easy way to get your children engaged in a fun activity, making their own game can be a great way to do it. This guide will teach you how to make your own game, what materials you’ll need, and how long it will take you to complete the project. Whether you want to make a simple card game or something more complex, this guide is sure to help. So go ahead and give it a try!

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