Whether you select a bike journey pack, a travel pack, or a cardboard bike box. The method you load the bike is basically the same for all. If you have never brought your bike separated before it can be rather damaging. However, make sure you placed aside adequate time and space to determine any tension.

Remove the wheels and just reduce the tyres

The cause you do not enjoy high air pressure in the tyres when passing is the chance of them bursting. However, do not decrease all of the air or you could endanger harming the edges. Some bike boxes or travel boxes will have distinctive rooms or separate packs to place your wheels. If you are employing cardboard bike boxes you should only require to pull the front wheel. This is placed alongside the edge of the box. 

Remove pedals, and seat post and tackle

If you have never terminated your pedals earlier, you might see they are completely rigid. Relying on your bike, you will require a pedal twisting or 15mm flat head spanner. If your bike is additionally stylish, potentially an Allen legend. Fill your pedals, seat post and saddle with padding if there is no reliable place in your bike travel pack.  And do not ignore to keep your seat post so you recall the right tackle height when revamping! 

Save the forks

If you have a quick-release skewer. Remove it and tape it to your forks in a plastic bag to stop it from getting lost. Once the spins are terminated, put the thru-axle back between the divisions to serve as help and rescue from damage. Not to say getting misplaced!

Nowadays many bikes contain disc brakes so arrive with thru-axles instead of a quick-release skewer. If your bike does not perform a thru-axle, ask your regional bike shop for a malleable fork spacer that arrives with brand-new bikes for counted fork protectors. 

Remove the rear derailleur

This action is more crucial if you are employing a bike journey bag or cardboard bike box. As the threat of striking is more significant. The derailleur is very comfortable to turn and obtains damage in transit. Therefore, it is certainly worth padding and the bubble surrounding it, whether you go it in situ or terminate it.  

Accommodate handlebar, cranks and chainrings place. To make sure the bike works in the box you will require to either dismiss or reduce the handlebars. So you can alter the tilt side alongside the edge. The cranks with pedals extracted should be revolved similarly to keep room in your bike travel box or bag. 

Add protecting padding to everything you can!

Bags handlers bring a bad rep, but then they are nicknamed throwers’. Therefore we instruct adding padding around the chainring, derailleur, cassettes, frame and anything else that could acquire marked or harmed in transit. Conduit lagging and drop wrap are ideal for this – available in your regional Do it yourself store.