Is it possible to hack an iPhone?

Yes, iPhones can be hacked (especially if they’ve been jailbroken ). Apple devices have excellent built-in security, mostly due to their “sandboxing” meaning that apps can’t access other apps or apply changes to your iPhone without your permission. Despite this security, it’s still possible for a hacker to gain access to your iPhone via phishing links, third-party apps, or unsafe Wi-Fi.

If your iPhone has been jailbraked , you will no longer be able to rely on Apple’s security sandbox and you will be even more at risk of being hacked. Potentially harmful apps and software can infiltrate your iPhone and make changes, access your files, and even steal your login details.

To prevent your iPhone from being hacked, you should protect your device with high-quality security software like Norton 360 . This type of software scans every app you download to make sure it’s free of malware, protecting you from targeted attacks on unsafe Wi-Fi and blocking suspicious sites and links. Furthermore, it is also recommended not to jailbreak your iPhone to benefit from Apple’s security “sandbox” and protect yourself from hackers.

My iPhone Has Been Hacked: What Can I Do?

If you think your iPhone has been hacked, there are three simple steps you can take to fix the situation . Be sure to warn your contacts not to click on links you may send them in messages, and to change your passwords in case your login information has been compromised.

Most importantly, you should scan with antivirus software like Norton 360 . The latter will give you a report on the security status of your iPhone and tell you what you need to restore complete protection to your device. Some actions you may need to take include updating your operating system, removing suspicious apps, and changing your privacy settings.

You may find that the best option is to reset your iPhone to completely remove all potentially harmful software. I recommend that you back up your personal items, such as photos, contacts, and files, before resetting your iPhone. Norton 360 offers 50GB of cloud storage, plus contacts backup for mobile devices, so you won’t lose important items.

How do I know my iPhone has been hacked?

The easiest way to tell if your iPhone has been hacked is to run a full scan of your device with top-rated antivirus software . It will monitor your iPhone for any suspicious apps or activity and warn you of any unusual behavior not previously detected. By following the scan report, you may be able to make the necessary changes to protect your iPhone.

There are other signs that your iPhone may have been hacked. These include: a battery that drains too easily, high data usage and generally poorer performance, as well as the appearance of apps you don’t remember downloading. If you’ve noticed any of these situations, I recommend downloading security software like Norton 360 to fix the problem. A service like Norton 360 can easily detect security and privacy issues, as well as provide you with an extra layer of protection from malware and hackers.

Protect your iPhone from hackers with antivirus software

Even with Apple’s built-in security, your iPhone still remains at risk of being hacked . Just clicking on a suspicious link or downloading the wrong app can compromise the health of your data. Fortunately, you can block hackers and malware easily by installing high-end antivirus software on your iPhone.

Of all the apps tested , Norton 360 is the best option for keeping your iPhone , iCloud, and Apple ID safe. You’ll get comprehensive protection from various online threats, plus a password manager, cloud storage, and a free VPN. Best of all, Norton 360 gives you 60 days to test the software and make sure you’re completely satisfied. In case I change my mind, getting a refund is simple: I tested the process myself and an operator processed my request quickly via the always available live chat. I got a full refund in less than 5 days.