Key Points About Wheel Excavators You Should Know About


Wheel excavators are the most common construction equipment used in the construction industry. They are used for all types of digging, including foundations, road/bridge construction, and general demolition operations. There is a wide range of wheel excavator models on the market. Thus, you need to understand the main features of wheel excavators before you buy one. 

Not all wheel excavators are created equal, they have specific features for particular jobs. If you are new to the construction industry, you should know about every bit of the equipment. You can start by understanding wheel excavators. Read this article to make yourself mindful enough of this incredible equipment.

Efficiency and power

First thing first. All the new and used wheel excavators for sale are available in different sizes and are having different power capacities. They provide maximum productivity on the site with their amazing features. They are not for uneven surfaces so avoid using this machine on the mining sites as you may not get the stability. Wheel excavators are as efficient as track excavators however their sizes may vary from model to model.

Further, the wheeled excavators are good at lifting objects due to the presence of the boom. You can further upgrade the lifting capacity by attaching different booms to the machine.


The stability of a wheel excavator is not as satisfactory as that of a track excavator. however, the stability of this machine can be increased by adding a correct outrigger. It adds power and balance to the machine but it is still recommended to avoid running the wheel excavator on slopy and uneven ground. 


If you are going to build or construct a road belt then the wheel excavator can provide more productivity as they are easy to maneuver on open and plain roads. Further, a zero-tail swing mode can help you move in a single lane more seamlessly. For all kinds of urban setting projects, they are the perfect fit.

Cost of the equipment

In comparison to the tracked excavators, the wheel excavators are a bit expensive but their operational and maintenance cost is much lesser than the tracked excavators. You have to spend money on this equipment at once. Further, it does not require undercarriage maintenance as frequently as for the track excavator. You can also find many deals and options on equipment leasing. The used equipment is another option to look for. Whereas renting can also give you benefits in terms of cost-effectiveness. You can have a wheel excavator in a budget-friendly deal if you find a trustworthy and reputable dealer in town. They will also give you other financing options as well.

The bottom line

The wheel excavator is one of the best options for performing heavy-duty jobs on even surfaces. They are the best machines that help in digging, excavating, and building roads and bridges. If you will look around you will find many options including new or used wheel excavators for sale. However, before getting one for your project you need to understand about every detail of the equipment. In this article, we have mentioned a few things to understand before having or operating a wheel excavator.