Phenolic Gratings for an Arsenal of Applications


Applied Phenolics has been a leader in the design and manufacture of high quality, engineered phenolic grating systems since 1938. Their industry and product knowledge continue to evolve with new applications and daily protocol for proper installation. Their products have helped solve a myriad of problems for their customers around the world.

In light of our research, we can state the fact that the phenolic gratings are the best choice in almost all cases. They have high load bearing capacity and they come with an optional wear surface, which can be made up of different materials. But most importantly, Offshore handrail are simple to install, easy to maintain and extremely durable.

Phenolic grating is a kind of material with homogeneous fiber, resin and inorganic additions, which are hardened by atmospheric curing. It’s manufactured using a molding method. Phenolic grating can be divided into 2 parts: phenolic composite plate and phenolic overlay type. It is apparent that these phenolic gratings provide a variety of specific, constructive options to the materials selection process. As a result, they can be incorporated into an extensive list of projects in varied applications, including industrial, commercial and homes. Phenolic grating’s diversity makes it one of the most cost-effective steps that can be taken in materials selection.

Phenolic gratings are a standard material used in building and workers. By using this material you can avoid steel grating costs due to its lightweight properties. Phenolic gratings are designed with a view to ensure the safe use of hazardous equipment and machinery, in addition to providing a high level of protection against fire and explosions.