Winter is roving around the world and some regions are experiencing the worst of it. Winter does not fall the same in every part of the globe. However, it does affect the construction equipment in the same way. The heavy equipment and its parts are sometimes quite sensitive to extremely cold temperatures. So, when the temperature starts falling, you need to make sure it does not damage your equipment and its parts. 

Here are some tips to protect your equipment tools from the worst effect of the winter. You may get most of the benefit from this piece of writing in making little extra care for your heavy machinery.

  1. Gas Engines

In recent times, modern equipment is transforming to the latest technologies. However, gasoline and gas engines are still a hot-topic of debate among industry experts. 

Besides that, if you are using any equipment like an excavator or used tractors for sale, check its engine operation source. If it operates on gas or gasoline then take precautions for winter effects. 

  1. Equipment Headlights

During winter, days become shorter so most of the time, workers have to work in dark. During this time, the equipment light should work properly without making any disturbance. The new LED light provides more amazing lamination and they last longer. Before operating the equipment check all the lights as well. 

  1. Check tires and hoses

During cold days, the tire pressure decreases by about 20 to 30%. This is due to the slight air leakage when the temperature falls. Due to the cold temperature, the tires and hoses become brittle and get easily cracked. This may damage the entire equipment’s performance. So, it is better to check the tire before starting the equipment and maintain the temperature where you keep the equipment. 

  1. DEF care

The diesel engine fluid is liquid that is prone to cold temperatures. On winter days, it gets frozen even at 12°F. it is suggested to start the engine and keep it running for a few minutes so that the DEF fluids get melted in the tank and in the lines. When it comes to the optimal temperature, you can start your equipment.

  1. Check hydraulic cylinders

Hydraulic cylinders are also an important part of the equipment. When you store your equipment in the yard or warehouse during winter days, spray a protective coating on the hydraulic cylinder. It will prevent cracks or leakage due to freezing.

  1. Maintain the battery

The battery in heavy equipment is an integral part that provides power to the equipment. They are highly sensitive to cold weather so they require little extra care during cold temperatures. You can coat them with dielectric grease so that they cannot get rusted due to mineral deposition.

You can also use a battery blanket to keep the battery temperature around 32 degrees. It is better to check your battery every while so that any fault and glitch can be solved on time.

  1. Check Grease, Fuel, and Lubes

All the liquid parts of the equipment are prone to cold weather. It includes fuel, grease, lubes, and other fluids that help in the smooth running of the equipment parts. it is mandatory to keep them under optimal temperature so that they can perform their job better. Engine oil is another fluid that should not get frozen. The cold temperature makes these liquids less viscous and they will not get flow into the lines seamlessly. They will be harder to pump as well. they will also block the lines and cause damage to the equipment. In all cases, you need to make sure all the liquids and fluids are at optimal temperatures. 


All the heavy equipment including a crane, excavator, and used tractors for sale need extra care during the winter days. The low and freezing temperature may damage the equipment parts and their performance as well. It is important to make sure your equipment tools are working properly during the fold. You may read this article to know how should you take care of your equipment tools and parts.