Renew a passport for a child in the United States

Renew a passport

A passport is an important document for any individual, but it is especially important for children. A visa allows a child to travel internationally, whether for a family vacation or a school trip. However, as children grow, their passports will eventually expire and need to be renewed. In the United States, the process for renewing a visa for a child is slightly different than for adults, and it is important to understand the specific requirements and steps involved.

What is the first requirement to renew a passport?

The first step to renew passport for a child is to determine whether or not they are eligible to do so. To qualify for a passport renewal, the child must have a valid passport that is not damaged and must have been issued the visa when they were under 16. Additionally, the child must be a U.S. citizen, and the parent or guardian must have proof of the child’s U.S. citizenship, such as a birth certificate or naturalization certificate.

What is the next step after checking eligibility? 

The next step is to obtain the required paperwork once it has been established that the youngster qualifies for a passport renewal. The applicant must submit the child’s present passport with a filled-out Form DS-11, the application for a U.S. passport, and a passport photo. 

In addition to the child’s current passport, passport photo, and completed Form DS-11, the parent or guardian must also provide proof of their identity. The parent or guardian must also provide evidence of their relationship to the child, such as a birth certificate or adoption papers.

How do you apply for a passport renewal?

After gathering all necessary documents, the applicant must apply in person at a U.S. Department of State agency or by mail. If using in person, the parent or guardian must bring the child to the agency, as the agency will require the child’s signature and fingerprint. If applying “passport renewal online” through the mail, the parent or guardian must include a notarized Form DS-3053, a statement of consent.

What is the processing time for a child’s passport renewal?

The processing time for a child’s passport renewal varies depending on the submission method. If you apply in person, the child’s passport will be issued in 24 hours. If using the mail, the processing time can take up to 4–6 weeks. It is important to note that expedited service is unavailable for children’s passport renewals.

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