For years, there has been utmost reliability of companies over result-oriented Java development services availed from a trusted tech partner. Java, being one of the extended and accepted programming languages is a go-to technical functionality for developing intuitive applications and websites.

It’s because of Java’s flexibility and availability of several programming tools that allow experienced developers to create engaging apps or websites. If you are a web developer or a company looking to create a feature-rich website based on Java must be aware of popular tools & tech stack.

Therefore, here in this blog, we will uncover the top ten Java development tools that you should know and adapt the same.

So, without any further delay, let’s get started on the same.

  1. Apache Meter

One of the highly used and effective Java-based tools is Apache Meter. It functions as an essential tool to load tests and measure the performance of web applications. Other than this, it is further used to create concurrent sampling by using several threads and deals in a sampling of distinctive functions. Moreover, this tool is also used for caching, report analysis, and testing IDE with distinctive varieties of features inside.

2. Java Development Kit (JDK)

JDK or better known as Java Development Kit is a highly used tool for Java developers that helps in creating Java applications and applets quickly and effectively. It also includes additional functionalities like Java Runtime Environment, Java Compiler, and Java APIs. JDK is a highly reliable tool for Java developers that can be used to Switch Expressions with a String, allow for free development and personal usage, create single catch blocks, and other functionalities.

3. Mockito

Especially for testing the Java-based application, the majority of Java developers rely on Mockito. It is a preferred tool in terms of testing the application with a clean and straightforward API. The tool features a library that allows verifying, constructing, and stub mocks as part of the testing process. Additionally, Mockito is a free tool that can be used at any point in time.

4. Groovy 

Groovey is a highly useful typed language tool for all Java developers to increase their productivity and lower the efforts of creating static typing and static compilation. It’s a simple-to-use, familiar, and easy-to-learn grammar functionality for developers to create concise, straightforward, and expressive syntax. It further helps in building automation duties for simple and manageable tests.

5. Intelli J IDEA

For speedy development and to improve developer’s productivity, make the best use of the Intelli J IDEA tool. It provides intelligent coding assistance along with an ergonomic design to make the development process goes effective and efficient. Apart from the same, the tool provides additional functionalities like instant code compilation, an integrated version control system, and more.

6. Cobertura

Cobertura is another useful and essential tool for developers to know much code is visited by the test cases. It helps you know which part of the Java software does not have the required test coverage and further enables you to test the same accordingly. Also, it is an open-source tool for developers to utilize the functionalities with ease.

7. Spark

Spark is another widely used Java development tool that helps create large and essential data sets with ease and comfort. Built by several seasoned developers from over 250 companies, Spark features more than 80 high-level operators, a state-of-the-art DAG scheduler, a physical execution engine, and several other functionalities.

8. Eclipse

Another free and open-source Java development tool that comes across is Eclipse. It provides basic-level Java tools, several modern-day features, testing tools, and access to numerous development frameworks. With the help of Eclipse, you can do infinite customizations, add extensions, merge multiple language support, and avail yourself of other relevant assistance.

9. Gradle 

It’s an automation-related tool that allows you to create and deliver feature-rich and flawless software to the client. With the help of this tool, you can write in Java C++, or any other language as per your requirement.

10. Java Performance Monitoring

Java Performance Monitoring is another essential tool that helps improve and optimize the performance of Java applications. It helps keep track of Java application servers and sends alerts related to severe problems & issues.

Concluding Thoughts 

There is still a long list of Java development tools that you must be aware of. But the above-mentioned ten tools are highly adaptable and recommended ones. In fact, you must hire Java developers having their hands-on experience with the mentioned tools and develop the app accordingly. Concerning the same, you can rely on expert technical assistance and development support from Java India along with getting complete information on tools and technologies.