Kuala Lumpur international school, igcse curriculum
Kuala Lumpur international school, igcse curriculum

A complete education system means a juxtaposition of quality classroom education along with a variety of extracurricular activities. Especially in the IGCSE Curriculum, students get the opportunity of participating and excel in various fields along with their academics. This blog will discuss the top benefits of extracurricular activities in schools and why students and parents must not neglect them. 

Top benefits of extra-curricular activities at Kuala Lumpur International School

Improves Physical Strength 

Extracurricular activities which include sporting activities improve the physical strength of the students. Some schools like Kuala Lumpur International School have large playgrounds where students can play various sports such as football, cricket, basketball, etc. Swimming is also a sporting activity that can make a student physically fit. 

Good for Mental Health

Extracurricular activities have a direct connection with the improvement of a student’s mental health. Playing a sport requires a lot of brain power. Learning a new instrument or learning about the music of a different culture also does the same. Extracurricular activities are as enriching to the brain as academics and classroom learning. 

Helps to Grow Leadership Qualities

Suppose a student is the captain of the school basketball team or someone is the lead singer in the school choir, it all builds the leadership qualities in the child. The students of the school are going to be world leaders in the future, and it is better if they start being used to these situations from a very early age. 

Assists in Achieving Better Grades

Some believe that participating in extracurricular activities is a waste of time for kids and makes them lose concentration in their studies. However, research has shown something entirely different. Students who participate in various extracurricular activities tend to have a sharper brain than those who do not. 

Helps Students to Find Their Areas to Excel 

It is a fact that not all students will find success by following the path of academics. If the world wants to see the next Michael Phelps or Celine Dion, the school curricular activities will be their breeding grounds. These activities help students to figure out their individual areas of brilliance. 

Productive Breaks

Continuous academic learning can get a little tedious for students. The education system, like in IGCSE Curriculum, must balance out the pressure of studies with relief and productive breaks. Students must have the opportunity to follow their passion along with fulfilling their everyday academic goals. 

Better Opportunities in Universities

Extracurricular activities provide a student with numerous new opportunities to study at the best universities. Extracurricular activities, along with academic excellence, account for 30% of a student’s resume in the United States.

Final Thoughts 

As you can learn from our above-mentioned list, extracurricular activities provide a lot of benefits to students. The finest schools like Kuala Lumpur international schools exert as much importance on extracurricular activities as classroom studies. Parents around the world have started to acknowledge the necessity of these activities in a student’s life.