YouTube is the second most popular website on the Internet, with more than a billion unique monthly viewers. What’s more, it’s safe to say that your favourite stars have a YouTube channel! But why should you? Here we outline some of the top benefits of having a YouTube channel. Read on to learn more.

  1. New skills and knowledge gained:

Think again if you need more time to start learning something new. Having a YouTube channel gives you the opportunity to learn new things at no cost! For instance, a YouTuber like PewDiePie started out with a video game called the Trine series and now has over 50 million subscribers.

That means that every month roughly 50 million people watch his videos on YouTube. Suppose you can get even one percent of those viewers to watch your videos; that is an enormous amount. And then there are other popular YouTubers who are doing the same. They are getting knowledge from these popular YouTubers and making a better future.

  1. Commissions and affiliate links:

Many YouTubers have affiliate links. In other words, they get a commission if their viewers click on those links and purchase something. It’s a great way of making money without any cost to you! If you want to become popular soon, then you can invest money to buy YouTube likes.

The video below from the Indian comedy group has earned them over million views and thousands of YouTube subscribers, as well as potential commissions from advertisers for the product placements in the video.

  1. Easy access to a large audience:

It’s no secret that most young people spend a lot of their time on YouTube. If you want to reach out to new potential customers, look no further than your YouTube channel. In addition, it’s quick and easy for potential customers to subscribe to your channel, which means you can start building an audience right away.

  1. Ability to monetize:

Many channels are making sums of money by charging their viewers a subscription fee or having advertisements running during their videos. For this, you need to be extremely popular in order to make this work.

However, even if you don’t want to charge your viewers anything, you can still make money by having advertisements running during your videos. Just have a look at the video below. It’s extremely popular and has over a million views, but it doesn’t cost a dime!

  1. Ability to network with others:

YouTube is the best platform available for networking and building relationships with people who are in your own field of interest. Many YouTubers who started out as small creators on YouTube went on to work for big brands and other companies thanks to the skills and followings that they built on YouTube.

  1. Help you develop your skills:

YouTube is a great way to practice your skills such as editing, filming and graphics. If you are bored and want to watch something funny, look no further! If you watch the tutorial videos, then you can easily gain knowledge and develop your skills. It can be easy if you properly follow guidance and then apply it in real life.

  1. It’s free!

You can start a YouTube channel with nothing more than a camera and a computer. Making videos on YouTube is free as long as you don’t want to make money out of them. Need some motivation? Viewers with some of the hilarious clips in this video. There are several people who still need to make investments and still wish to become popular. In such a case, YouTube is the best helping hand.

  1. Gain more followers:

If you have recently made a social media handle, then you would need to gain more followers. Although there are options where you can buy likes and followers, the algorithm of YouTube does not allow you to do so.  In such a case, you must share the story of different platforms and social media handles. This will ensure you gain the desired number of followers in a short time.

  1. Be yourself:

Remember this? You can never be too old to be a kid again, so go ahead and create a YouTube channel. Be yourself, don’t try to become someone else. In fact, never do that because you will realize how you want to express yourself is different from other people’s way of expressing themselves. Also, become creative. Only try to be yourself, and you will make a difference in a way that nobody else does.

  1. 10. Learn how to edit videos:

Editing is one of the most important steps in creating a successful YouTube channel. You will need to learn how to use editing software such as Windows Movie Maker or Adobe Premiere Pro and effects in order to do this well.

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