There are various kinds of items that we use today be it the food item, luxury items, fragile item, bathing items, you name it. These all belong to very different genres and have very different uses but, the only common thing between them is that they all have a packaging material which in most of the cases is the cardboard box. There are numerous brands which have come down to minimal to zero plastic usage and have therefore resorted to the cardboard packaging. Apple in the electronics industry, zara in the clothing segment, Kellogg’s in the edible section, etc there are a number of companies which have finally done away with the plastic packaging materials and have opted the cleaner and greener option of using the cardboard materials, corrugated paper rolls, etc for packing their items.

It therefore becomes even more important to understand why these companies have resorted to the cardboard boxes and what is the process in which they are made. The cardboard boxes used in various products or the house moving boxes that we use for the purpose of relocation from one place to another, all these boxes are made from cardboard, which is made from the recycled paper. These recycling industry makes use of the paper collected back by them to make newer items so that the material gets used and in the process no harm is being caused to the environment as well. This process of recycling goes on and therefore, the paper materials which are already in use keeps on circulating in the environment. This is an eco- friendly process and therefore poses no threat to the environment.

Different types of Cardboard Boxes for day to day

So, here in the subsequent paragraphs we will be discussing what are the various kinds of cardboard boxes and what are their uses.

Corrugated Boxes

The corrugated boxes are made by arranging the folded papers between two layers of hard recycled papers. This arrangement is a sort of sandwiching which makes these boxes more flexible and able enough to bend depending on the requirements. The corrugated boxes are available in single, double or triple walled boxes which are used for serving different purposes. The single walled cardboard boxes are used for the packaging of food items such as pizza, etc as they are hard but not strong enough. The double and the triple walled boxes are used primarily by the shipping industry which require strong boxes for the transportation of the household items. The boxes made from this material is strong enough for storing items and is sealed with the help of brown packing tape or vinyl tape. This ensures that the items placed inside the box is safe from all the sides and can be transported easily.

Paperboard Cartons

The paperboard cartons are primarily used by the companies involved in manufacturing electronic devices, gadgets, etc and other such industries. These cartons are hard and sturdy in nature and can be easily used as display boxes in the glass display cases of the showrooms, etc. They can also be packed and printed with colourful designs such as the brand logo, and other such information which are required by the customer before buying the product.

Gable tops

The gable tops are the carton boxes used for storing liquid food items such as milk, juice, etc which require an outlet to be poured out. These gable top boxes as the name suggests have a plastic cap fitted on them. This makes the pouring out of the liquid super easy and convenient.

Summing Up

The cardboard industry is one of the most important packaging industries which makes use of other packaging items as well such as the self- adhesive tapes, jiffy padded envelopes, bubble wraps, kraft paper rolls, etc. They together make the packaging and the shipping of the items an easy task which would otherwise have been a much riskier task. The most important point is that not only does this industry serve the need of the customers but is at the same time eco- friendly as well and therefore poses no threat to the environment.