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To be a celebrity is not easy. People have to make many efforts to get fame. After making too many efforts, they come into the eyes of the world. But some got fame even with their birth. It is because they have relations with such people or belong to families with high media reputations; Yaya Mayweather is famous for being Floyd Mayweather’s daughter. She was born on 20th May and the year was 2000. As of 2022, Yaya Mayweather’s age is 22 years.

Her birth place is Nevada, Las Vegas. The main reason for her publicity worldwide is some of her expensive gifts. She received that gifts on her birthdays from her most loving and caring father, Floyd Mayweather. Her occupation is singing. Along with her singing, Yaya Mayweather runs a boutique she owns in her hometown with her mother’s help. She also has a specific social image. Yaya Mayweather has a massive net worth approximated in millions of dollars.

Yaya’s Family background

She has a famous family background. Her father’s name is Floyd Mayweather Jr, a famous American boxer, and her mother, Melissa Brim, is her father’s ex-girlfriend. Yaya’s father is also known for being a TV celebrity. Currently, Floyd Joye Mayweather works as a boxing promoter professionally. He is the most famous athlete in America of all time. She has strong bonding with her father.

Yaya’s mother’s name is Melissa Brim. She’s mainly known for her documentary. That documentary increases her name throughout the world. Now she’s working in her boutique. Her boutique’s name is Devanna love. Yaya’s father also married Josie Harris, but she passed away two years ago. It is said that her death was an overdose of drugs which caused her accidental death.   

Siblings of Yaya Mayweather

She has two half-brothers and a half-sister. The names of her brothers are Zion Shamaree Mayweather and Koraun Mayweather, while her half-sister’s name is Jirah Mayweather. This family has one more child. The name of the adopted child is Devon Cromwell. The names of her grandparents are James Brim, Tina Brim, Floyd Mayweather Sr, and Deborah Sinclair, while her uncle’s name is Bubba.

Education of Money Yaya

She started her early education at that private high school. After completing her high school education, Floyd Mayweather was pleased. He expressed his happiness and his love for her daughter in front of his followers. His statement shows that he is proud of his child because, at age 15, Yaya completed her school education. She continued her study and was admitted to college. For graduation, she was admitted to The University of the USA. F She shared her pictures on her social media account at her graduation. At the age of 18 years, she also completed her diploma.

Personal information of Yaya Mayweather

What is the Yaya Mayweather age at present? How old is she?

Yaya Mayweather’s actual name is Iyanna Mayweather, but she is popular among the people by her nickname is Yaya Mayweather. The media celebrity was born on 20th May in Las Vegas. She belongs to the USA. Currently, she is a young lady 22 years having, 5’2” in height. Her hair and eyes color is black.

Does Yaya Mayweather is socially active?

Yes, she is a socially active celebrity. She has many social media accounts, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. She has 762 followers on her Instagram account, while she has 27 thousand followers on her Twitter account. Yaya Mayweather also has her own YouTube channel, which has much popularity and publicity among the viewers.

What does she professionally do?

Yaya Mayweather does not have any specific professional career. Being a celebrity kid, she doesn’t need to do something for her living even though she starts singing. She released her first video song in October 2018. In her first attempt, some of the viewers appreciated her. There were only a few people who discouraged her. She also runs a boutique with the help of her mother.

What are unique gifts for which she is famous among the Public and media?

We know that Yaya Mayweather belongs to a wealthy family. Her father is the most highly rated and paid athlete in America and is famous worldwide. He has a tremendous net worth. Some of her gifts increased her fame and made her famous worldwide.

  • 550 S- Class, Mercedes are the gifts she received on her 14th birthday. On that birthday, she also receives G-Class. There was also the performance of Justin Bieber at the party for her 14th birthday. Another birthday surprise for Yaya was the performance of the two most popular singers in the world whose names are Drake and Future, at the party on her 16th birthday. Another extravagant gift she received from her father is a ring of 18-Carat Canary Pristine at her 18th birthday party.

Yaya Mayweather’s Net worth

The actual net worth of Yaya is not known, but the estimated figure of her net worth is estimated about 1 million dollars. This estimate includes all her sources of income, including her father’s work and income.


  • Who is Yaya Mayweather?

Yaya Mayweather is the daughter of non-other than the most famous American boxing champion Floyd Joy Mayweather Jr.

  • When was she born? And what is the Yaya Mayweather age now?

She was born on 10th May in 2000, and now her age is 22 years.

  • What is the actual name of Yaya Mayweather?

The real name of Yaya Mayweather is Iyanna Mayweather.

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