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John Whitfield a.k.a DcYoungFly’s elder daughter Nova Whitefield is a famous youngster around six years. Her father gained popularity through roasting assemblies’ videos. On her father’s YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram accounts, he posted videos of the roasting assemblies. These helped him become famous as a humorist, lyricist, artist, and musician. Keep reading this post in detail if you want the most updated relevant data about Nova Whitfield. Regarding her education, lifestyle, and professional career, you’ll find the most current information in this post.

Nova Whitfield: Who Is She?

Nova Whitfield: Who Is She?

John Whitfield and Jacky Oh are the names of Nova’s parents. Because of her parents, Nova becomes well-known as a celebrity. On October 30, 2016, in the United States, Nova was born. She has black hair and eyes. The mother of Nova is a multi-talented actress who has established herself in a number of important fields, such as music and directing. Few people are aware of Nova Whitfield’s father, but many are curious to learn more about her mother.

Early Life & Education

Nova Whitfield who is only six years old lives at home with her parents. It is obvious that she enjoys spending time with her parents, as she is a very young girl. Because of this, despite her childhood, she has become a well-known superstar child and is hugely popular on social media right now. Her parents, Jacky Oh and John Whitefield are still single. They first interacted during shooting for a movie named Wild ‘n Out, which is how they became partners. After the shooting ended in 2016, they quickly started dating, and on October 30, 2016, they welcomed their first child. In August 2020, their second child was born.


Nova Whitefield’s father DcYoungFly, has starred on MTV’s Wild ‘N Loud. As he gained fame as a musician, comedian, and filmmaker, along with other professions. She is the daughter of an actress and a model. A lip shine line with her name on it, J.nova, was introduced by Nova’s mother. Wild ‘N Out has featured her mom as well. Nala is her little sister’s name. In 2015, her parents started a relationship.


As a six-year-old child, she represents the sign of Scorpio on the lunar calendar.


Nova’s maturation phase is still ongoing. Her bodily metrics aren’t yet fully formed. Nova Whitfield weighs 62 KG and is 5 feet 6 inches tall. She is 32 inches in height. There is no detail available right now regarding the rest of her physical features. She is healthy and gorgeous. This ensures that she’d grown up graciously.

Net Worth

A person’s or a company’s net worth is the total dollar amount of all of their possessions. Alternatively said, your net worth is your economic position. The whole value of the parent’s various properties, in the case of Nova Whitfield, makes up the parent’s net worth. The parents of Nova Whitfield have a total net worth of over $6 million. They have accumulated considerable wealth due to their primary occupations as singers and celebrities. Her luxurious lifestyle makes it a substantial amount of money.

Professional Career

  • DC Young Fly’s daughter Nova has many followers on social media since she is the daughter of his girlfriend Jacky Oh. After acquiring a massive following on YouTube for his performance, her father rose to fame because of his performance on the comedy series code generator Wild ‘n Out on MTV. Two movies in which John has appeared are My Cousin’s Ghetto Wedding and Armed. Karlous Miller is only one of the entertainers and performers with whom her father has worked.
  • Her mother is a dancer, comedian, Youtube star, and businesswoman who runs a brand of cosmetics. She contributed to a couple of movies and starred in Wild ‘n Out. Additionally, her mother gave her the moniker J.nova for a line of lip gloss.
  • It’s too early for Nova to start earning money or pursuing a career path. It doesn’t matter, she can afford to live a comfortable life because her parents are well off. She is thus worth millions of dollars while considering her parents’ wealth.

Social Media Followers

The pages on social media were set up by her parents. More than 166,000 people are following her Instagram profile, @novalicious__. More than 96,000 people have access to her “Novalicious” Channel on YouTube.

Relationships of Nova Whitfield

Only six years old, Nova Whitfield is not in any relationship. She is also still maturing, and it is safe to assume that she has no interest in relationships. Nova is recognized among the most well-liked family members. She is currently occupied with enjoying her life with her mother and father.


She is known by the code name DcYoungFly. and is the child of musician, actor, and performer John Whitfield. 2016 was Nova Whitfield’s year of birth in the USA. By 2022, Nova Whitfield will have turned five years old.

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How tall is Nova Whitfield? 

The famous kid is still developing. The nova body stats still need to reach their full potential. Her current height is 3 feet 4 inches. The weight of her body is approximately 15 kilograms. Nova is in good health and will develop gracefully.

What zodiac sign does Nova belong to?

She possesses the Scorpio zodiac sign.

Who is Nova’s younger sister’s name?

Her little sister is named Nala.

What country does Nova Whitefield belong to?

She is an American citizen.